What We Do

Our Pipeline System

Access Pipeline Inc. (‘ACCESS’) operates a heavy oil transportation pipeline network servicing facilities in the northeastern region of Alberta. We operate two distinct pipeline networks:

Diluent System:

ACCESS operates pipelines in the greater Edmonton area designed for the purpose of gathering and delivering diluent to our Sturgeon Terminal facility located near Redwater. Diluent is stored at the Sturgeon Terminal where it can be distributed via 24” pipeline to the connected facilities in Northeastern Alberta or used in the “Trim Blending” process to meet downstream pipeline and crude oil specifications based on viscosity and density.

Blend System:

The Bitumen Blend pipeline system consists of a 297 kilometer 42” pipeline and a 50 kilometer 30” pipeline. The Bitumen Blend system originates in Northeastern Alberta gathering product from facilities near Christina Lake. Product is transported to the Sturgeon Terminal where diluent is injected during the “Trim Blending” process in order to meet downstream specifications. The ACCESS Bitumen Blend system terminates in the Edmonton area where Bitumen Blend is delivered to third party oil terminal facilities. These third party facilities access downstream markets throughout North America.

As a member of CEPA, Access Pipeline is proud to be participating in CEPA Integrity First, an industry-led program, established by CEPA, to enable members to work together to improve practices in three key areas: Safety, Environment, and Socio-Economics.