Our policies reflect Access’ values and beliefs, which include:

Health, Safety, And Environment


Safety is the core of our operations – our commitment to safety is unwavering.

Access Pipeline is committed to responsible management practices that provide a healthy and safe workplace for our employees and contractors, and that safeguard the public while protecting the environment in which we work.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Access Pipeline’s Health, Safety, and Environment policy applies to everyone who works for the company – contractors and employees alike. We reinforce safe work behaviours at work and at home and enforce safe work behaviour in every job that every worker undertakes.

Access Pipeline will:

    • Create and Maintain a safe and healthy workplace;
    • Adopt socially responsible HSE Management practices;
    • Implementing effective environmental stewardship responsibilities and public safeguards;
    • Foster active engagement and open and transparent communications between all management, supervisors, employees, contractors and stakeholders; and
    • Commit to the health and safety of our workers, stakeholders, communities and the environment in which we operate.

Access Audits and Certifications:

Access Pipeline has participates in the ENFORM Certificate of Recognition (COR) audit program annually. The Certificate of Recognition (COR) program is an initiative that recognized employers who implement and maintain a health and safety management system that meets established provincial standards.

Stakeholder Relations

We build long-term, positive relationships with our stakeholders. Our consultation process is open and meaningful.

Access Pipeline recognizes long term business interests are well served by establishing a long term, positive relationship with stakeholders to become a respected neighbour in communities along our pipeline system.

What makes us different is that our employees not only work in the communities our pipelines run through, we live here too. We share with our neighbors a connection to the land and an expectation that our rural way of life will be protected. We have an obligation to our neighbors to ensure our pipeline operations run smoothly.

Access Pipeline believes in proactively engaging in two-way communication and informed consent. This means that Access Pipeline consults frequently and freely in an open and transparent manner. It is our policy to ensure its employees are aware of and conduct business activities in accordance with the principles set out below. These principles establish a framework to ensure Access Pipeline’s activities are open, honest and transparent, while considering the perspectives and values of stakeholders.

These principles guide Access Pipeline to:

  • Develop a consultation process that is open and meaningful to all stakeholders while considering the perspectives and values of those affected by our operations;
  • Balance the social and economic benefits associated with Access Pipeline’s business activities to provide opportunities to all local communities;
  • Ensure all rights and responsibilities are clearly understood by providing opportunities for information exchange and mutual education about interests, objectives and values;
  • Ensure ongoing information regarding construction and operations is easily accessed and understood by all stakeholders; and
  • Build mutual understanding, appreciation and respect with all stakeholders.

Aboriginal Relations

Access’ core values of integrity, trust and respect, provide the guidance for our relationships with Aboriginal communities.

Access Pipeline recognizes Aboriginal peoples as key stakeholders in many of our business activities. With Access operating facilities near Aboriginal communities we believe that by developing positive relationships with the communities whose lives are impacted by our activities, we can work together towards finding mutually acceptable solutions.

The purpose of this policy is to provide employees with Access’ principles and values that will govern interactions with Aboriginal peoples.

Principles and Values

Access’ core values of integrity, trust and respect, provide the guidance for day to day relations with Aboriginal peoples, and were the foundation in creating the following principles:

  • Access respects the diversity of Aboriginal cultures, recognizes the importance of the people’s heritage, and will work with communities to develop productive relationships based on mutual respect and trust;
  • Access will listen to the views expressed by Aboriginal peoples, and endeavour to conduct activities in a manner that respects these views; balance the social and economic benefits associated with Access’ business activities to ensure opportunities are available to all local communities;
  • Access will support higher learning of Aboriginal peoples through work experience and skill development opportunities; and
  • Access encourages employees, where feasible, to utilize Aboriginal peoples, businesses, and contractors in our business activities and operations.

It is Access’ policy to ensure its employees are aware of and conduct business activities in accordance with the outlined principles.